Windshield wiper switch fuse 2006 dodge caravan

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Windshield wiper switch fuse 2006 dodge caravan

The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Dodge Caravan based on all problems reported for the Caravan.

The contact owns a Dodge Caravan. The contact stated while operating the windshield wipers, the blade became dislodged from the wiper and caused several small scratches on the windshield. The vehicle was taken to the dealer several times for the failure yet the failure persisted.

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On one occasion, the dealer replaced the wipers and they did not fit correctly, causing the wipers to bend when activated. The vehicle was taken back to the dealer where the contact was awaiting repairs. The manufacturer was not contacted. The failure mileage was 64, See all problems of the Dodge Caravan. After the contact had the turn signal switch replaced, the windshield wipers automatically activated each time the vehicle was started.

The dealer would not replace the wipers because they were not under warranty. The current mileage wasand failure mileage wasWindshield wipers have become intermittent and getting worse to the point of not coming on until the vehicle has been on for a half hour.

Dodge 2006 Caravan Owner's Manual

This happened after the panel lights such as for the ac unit etc began to blink at a constant rate and then they steady out after 20 minutes. Have gone to two Dodge dealerships. First one had me pay for and replace multi-function switch and it did not fix the problem.

It is extremely dangerous to not have wipers working and I feel irresponsible that a computer is necessary for the wipers to work. The ntsb should have the authority to order Dodge to fix this situation at Dodge's expense since it is an obvious serious design flaw. Windshield wipers do not function properly; intermittent mode will sometimes run constant, or will stop completely in the middle of the windshield and will not immediately come back on.

Twice, in the past month, I have had to abruptly pull off the road because of not being able to see through the windshield. This is extremely dangerous and will most certainly cause an accident at some point in time, if it already hasn't. I purchased this car in Nov. My windshield wipers turn on even in the off position and I have had to remove the fuse so that they won't run continuously.

I have a Dodge Caravan. The dealer can't seem to find the problem. I now have to drive without any windshield wipers or if it is raining I have to stop and open the hood and put the fuse back in. Then they run continuously. This is very dangerous and I have noticed on the internet that I am not the only one with this problem.

The consumer was driving and the windshield wipers turned on by themselves, and run erratically, and will not shut off at the correct position.Well, kiss those days goodbye.

windshield wiper switch fuse 2006 dodge caravan

If you own a Dodge Grand Caravan, or other Chrysler products, and have a problem with the wipers or other similar accessories, you must first understand how these systems work. First, the switch does NOT connect or disconnect power to the accessory.

Its job is to provide a signal to the body control module BCMinforming it that the driver wants to operate an accessory. Now some of these switches actually connect or disconnect low voltage usually 5-volts to the control module.

2006 Dodge Caravan Wiper Switch

But the wiper switch contains resistors that alter the voltage over 4 or 5 steps going to the controller. Based on the changed voltage, the controller then knows what to do. The control coil now has power, but no ground.

What tells the FCM to provide ground? The contacts move and power is switched to the high speed wire going to the wiper motor. Next, check the fuse to the accessory relay that powers the FCM. You have now bypassed the wiper switch and ALL other the digital connections. If you get ground, that confirms the FCM is receiving digital data from the controller and is acting properly. It receives a voltage from the BCM and runs that voltage through a series of resistors to alter the voltage going back to the BCM.

You should see a different reading for each click on the MFS stalk. They include wiring diagrams and technical service bulletins.

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In most cases, their diagrams are right from the factory manuals. Pricing: Eautorepair. So you have to refer to the factory legends to learn the identification symbols and then refer back to circuit diagrams to find the splice and ground locations.

However, Alldatadiy. If you need to dig into your doors, dash or console, Alldatadiy. Wiper Wiring Diagram. Click to download PDF. Find this article useful? Share it!Wipers only work sometimes. They work for a minute they shut and will not come back on. JumpWhiteKids answered 4 years ago. Sounds like you need new motors or maybe a fuse is messed up. I would recommend replacing both at this point to prevent further issues. First check the multi function switch. When they shut off do they park?

Next move on to the wiper motor relay these sometimes wear and go bad its located in the power box under the hood, the final suspect is the wiper motor its self. Billy answered 4 years ago. Hey Mark thanks for your response. Is there a way to test the multi function switch. GuruJ8LG5 answered 2 months ago. If I clic My wipers and radio quit working as I was driving.

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After a coworker checked it out he saI'd the "key start" is sending a signal to the start relay saying it's in the start position.

When he pulled Just bought a dodge and my windshield wipers don't work. Checked fuse and relay, they appear fine. Anyone know if there is a common condition I can check? Hit bump driving dodge charger now wipers stay on even if car is off and keys are out. Able to turn speed up but not completely slow or off unless i remove the fuse. CarGurus has 36 nationwide Caravan listings and the tools to find you a great deal.

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Call To Order: Accessory Power Relay. Accessory Power Relay Connector. Air Bag Sensor.

windshield wiper switch fuse 2006 dodge caravan

Ambient Air Temperature Sensor Connector. Ambient Temp Sensor. Antenna Cable. Auto Shut Down Relay. Auto Trans Indicator Light Bulb. Back Up Light Bulb. Body Harness Connector. Brake Light Bulb. Bulb Socket. Cigarette Lighter.

Combination Switch.

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Cooling Fan Relay. Courtesy Light Bulb. Dome Light Bulb. Door Harness Connector. Door Jamb Switch Connector. Door Lock Actuator. Door Lock Actuator Connector. Door Lock Actuator Motor. Door Remote Mirror Switch.

Door Wiring Harness. Door Wiring Harness Set. Fader Control Switch. Fog Light. Fog Light Bulb. Fog Light Relay Connector. Fog Light Set. Fog Light Switch. Fuel Cutoff Relay. Fuel Pump Relay. Gear Shift Select Switch Connector. Glove Box Light Bulb.The intermittent wiper relay gives you this feature. The relay functions as a switch and energizes circuits as needed.

In the case of your windshield wipers, it controls low, high, and intermittent speeds by energizing a particular circuit at a given moment depending on what speed you have your wiper switch set to. As with any electronic component, it can fail completely or only on one circuit. Your wiper relay could be bad if the low and high speed wiper positions function properly but the intermittent function stops working. Any combination of positions working or not working is a good indication of a faulty relay.

Step 1: Locate your relay. Many late model vehicles can have multiple locations for fuses and relays. There can be underhood as well as interior locations.

windshield wiper switch fuse 2006 dodge caravan

Your owner's manual is a good source for locations and diagrams. Step 2: Remove the relay. With the ignition in the off position, remove the relay.

They can sometimes feel a bit tight and require a little force to pull them out. The labels may be different but make certain the number and position of the plugs are correct. Before you put things back together, switch the key on to verify the new relay is functioning properly. Once verified, switch the key off and button things up. The most popular service booked by readers of this article is Intermittent Wiper Relay Replacement.

Our certified mobile mechanics perform over services, including diagnostics, brakes, oil changes, scheduled mileage maintenances, and will come to you with all necessary parts and tools. Our certified mobile mechanics make house calls in over 2, U. Fast, free online quotes for your car repair.

Intermittent Wiper Relay Replacement Cost. Service Location. In these cars, relays are frequently mounted separate from the fuse box, usually under dash near the steering column. Step 3: Install the new relay. Compare the bad relay with the new one. Home Articles. The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified.

Please see our terms of service for more details.

How to Replace an Intermittent Wiper Relay

Excellent Auto Repair Ratings. YourMechanic Auto Repair. Related Articles. Recent Intermittent Wiper Relay Replacement reviews. Excellent Rating. Average Rating 4. Number of ReviewsRating Summary. Kenneth 19 years of experience. Request Kenneth. Kenneth was very helpful and knowledgable mechanic. A solid guy.Six problems related to wiper have been reported for the Dodge Grand Caravan.

The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the Dodge Grand Caravan based on all problems reported for the Grand Caravan.

This vehicle has a stalk on the steering column that controls the windshield washer, wiper, as well as the vehicle bright lights, and the turning signals. Around may. Sometimes it would work, sometimes not. Wiggling the stalk would sometimes make it work. By pulling the stalk toward the driver, the bright lights are suppose to come on temporarily, until released. They stopped working, also about may, It is still working intermittently, but now the turning signals are also affected, working intermittently, or even putting on the left turn signal, when the switch is turned for a right turn, or right for left.

I am afraid that this switch is defective, and can cause an accident if it does not work reliably. I turned on my car and started driving and my windshield wipers came on all by themselves and wouldn't go off as I was driving. When I stopped the car and turned my car off, and turned my car back on, my wipers wouldn't come back on. It has been raining a lot and I have no windshield wipers. This is very dangerous and I have almost had a wreck with my children in the car because of this.

Wipers stopped working during storm in July and only work when put on fastest speed now when they do work and sometimes won't work at all. I must continually turn on and off to activate. The contact owns a Dodge Grand Caravan. The contact stated when he closed his driver's door the tailgate window shattered into pieces.

The vehicle was not taken to an dealer or an independent mechanic for diagnosis nor was it repaired. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. The VIN was not available. The approximate failure mileage wasWe cant get the windshield washer fluid working.Automotive Forums. Have a Dodge Grand Caravan with 72K. Wipers have been misbehaving. Sometimes when on High, they do not work.

And tonight they would not Turn off until I restarted the van. Is it the switch, BCM? They act to gether to control wipers. The switch tells the BCM "I want wipers". A quick fix could be pulling the IOD fuse in the fuse box for minutes. This will reset the data bus and BCM. Another option is to diconnect the negative battery cable for minutes to kill all power inputs to the BCM.

There is a remote chance you can cause other problems with this move. Other than that it's checking connections for corrosion or damaged contacts and testing the park switch. Then you come to the point of decision and the choices aren't cheap. Thank you RIP. I appreciate the reply. Is the FCM inside the wiper motor? The park switch is in the wiper motor. We all have our experiences and opinions and frequently they don't match. That's life. Just one problem with your post.

You've got the FCM location wrong. You said yes.

2006 Chrysler 300 Wiper Relays \u0026 Fuses, Wiper/Washer Circuit Explained

Got a hunch you didn't read the question clearly. Replace the wiper motor and still had the same problem. Noticed while I was testing the wipers would not go on high, even with the new wiper motor.


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